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We Hear You welcomes to its brood both students and professionals in the field of audiology. We also welcome assistance and dispensers in hearing aid/care. So, whether you’re still taking up courses in universities, assisting audiologists, or an independent hearing aid provider, join our growing community!

Make sure you read and understand all the clauses written on our membership manual and our code of ethics which build the foundation of your membership. Once you’ve taken our code and practices by heart, you may register.


  • Full Membership– £230 paid annually
  • Assistants– £ 115 paid annually
  • Students taking credited courses– Join us for FREE!
  • Dispensers– £230 paid annually, with a discount if you belong in companies that have huge membership communities and if you want to pay via debit for years to come

Bear in mind that throughout the registration process, you will be asked to present or submit proof of your qualifications. For instance, if you’re a student, you’ll be asked to provide proof of enrolment in accredited courses such as your study load and payment receipt.