Our Bylaws contain important information about the operation of the Association including:

  • Membership categories and fees
  • Provincial Council and Executive Committee duties and responsibilities
  • Area Representation
  • Codes of conduct for general meetings


BCASLPA’s policies are grouped into five categories. Documents relating to detailed policies can be found on our Google Drive, listed below.

Governance: The nuts and bolts: conducting meetings, electing councillors, committees, use of the logo, record keeping, and strategic planning.
Member Services: Association awards, UBC scholarship information.
Operations: Privacy, administrative issues.
Standards: Membership applications, posting jobs on our website.
Finance: Reimbursement, budgets, funding requests.
Position Papers: Co-Therapy Rationale and Guidelines for SLPs; Autism Spectrum Disorder; Caseload Guidelines for SLPs Working with School Age Population and Appendix; Universal Newborn Hearing Screening;
Human Resources: BCASLPA Staff policies. Contact the BCASLPA Office for information.