Crossover Learning: Periodontology Meets Audiology

The continuous development and widening of the horizons of various medical professions can be achieved through crossover learning. If one is to organize and motivate medical professionals to embrace this practice, one can contribute greatly to the advancement of science and health care.

Take Javier Garcia, for example. He was able to gain more than 2,000 members for the Spanish Society of Periodontology and Osseointology when he took charge of communications and marketing in 2010. Although only 621 delegates made it to the congress that year in Catalonia, it was still considered a good achievement for a European congress.

In 2019, however, Garcia wowed the world when he, as the Executive Director of the association, managed to round up 6,290 delegates in Valencia for the SEPA. According to Garcia, he thinks globally, focusing on health, and bolstering medical associations.

When asked how he achieved such a mighty feat, Garcia explained that professionals only need to focus on health, and using science and clinical practice to safeguard it. With this mindset, congresses and crossover learning should be one of the foremost actions of medical professionals everywhere.

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