Can Essential Oils Improve Hearing Loss and Tinnitus?

Essential oils have been used medicinally for centuries and are becoming more popular. This is mainly due to growing interest in complementary and alternative medicine, as well as an increase in sales tactics.

With so many individuals suffering from hearing loss, it is natural to seek out a quick fix. Some essential oils may assist with hearing loss and tinnitus. Even CBD oils have been used to treat several neurological disorders. However, research on the link between cannabis and tinnitus has been deemed inconclusive. There is also a lack of data on adverse effects.

What Causes Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

Tinnitus is most commonly caused by an injury to the small hair cells inside the eardrum. That is why tinnitus generally affects people as they get older.

Still, it is fairly normal to have severe ringing in the ears after extended exposure to loud disturbances. That implies that everyone who works in a noisy workplace may get tinnitus and hearing loss.

How Essential Oils Can Help to Improve Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

You may be questioning what treatment choices are available to you once you have determined the type of hearing problem you have and its cause. Some popular choices include cochlear implants, massage therapy, hearing aid, etc.

While there is no medical evidence that essential oils can fix tinnitus, there is some anecdotal evidence that essential oils can help reduce symptoms. Essential oils have been suggested to be useful in decreasing the severity of tinnitus.

When it comes to treating tinnitus, Helichrysum essential oil is thought to be the most helpful essential oil. This oil is well-known for its ability to heal capillaries and neurons.

Basil essential oil is also famous for providing several health advantages for someone’s physique. This is due to basil essential oil’s antispasmodic properties.

Juniper berries essential oil, which is recognized for its cleaning and antibacterial qualities, is another option. The calming smell of juniper berries also aids in the reduction of tension.

Final Thoughts

When using essential oils to cure tinnitus, there is a high possibility you will start feeling better right away. So, if you are interested in using essential oils, proceed with caution.

Essential oils, for the most part, are not particularly harmful when used with caution. Nonetheless, keep in mind that no essential oil is meant to be a quick treatment for tinnitus.

Essential oils should never be consumed or put into the ear canal. It might irritate delicate mucosal membranes in the inner ear.

Finally, the most challenging part of using essential oils to cure tinnitus and hearing loss is that everyone reacts differently. The dose that works for someone else may be too high or too low for you.

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